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Selphie Bong


Selphie Bong showed her creativity from her early childhood growing up in a tiny village of Indonesia, Lampung, of Baker's family. She used to mess up her elder sister dolls, cut and drew flower patterns all over their dresses and faces with markers. Her sister cried. But Selphie thought: "It's pretty".

" I was never allowed to touch my mother's black sewing machine, with butterfly pattern on its right side, but it fascinated me, watching its wheel turning around and needling go up and down."

Selphie dreamed to be beautifully dressed up when she was a kid, but her family financial could not support her childhood dream. Therefore she poured everything onto paper, she drew her dream and her imagination.

Selphie dropped out of high school, took Computer programming and Business IT at FTMS Global Singapore, later Selphie continued at the Raffles University Singapore in 2005 to study fashion, yet left the college without any qualifications.. She immediately embark into the wheels of competitions and won, such as the In-House Designer for Ms. Indonesia Earth 2006, the 10 finalist for Silhouette International Awards New York during Spring 2007, out of 1900 other contestant from other continent.

Selphie started her debut with Bali Fashion Week 07, besides all the bitter critique she receive, her first collection was a critical success and managed her starting point to turn around with a huge jump in profits, that gives her courage to joined Nolcha London Fashion Week Fall/WInter 08, metamorphosing the Freezing London Crystal Ball room into a warm Java Island, she transported all of the audiences to the exotic touch of Indonesia.

"In the media interview, I told them I wanted to be Christian Dior. They thought I was silly, but for me, it ain't a joke" Another thrill when she was be a part of Eco-Chic Fashion sponsored by UBS bank, Organized by Bali Fashion Week team. "I would never imagine, one of my plastic dress was on stage, together with Ika Mardiana's, Anne Avantie, Musa Widiyatmojo's, Oka diputra, and the rest of senior fashion designer. And the next day, I receive a message from Bali Fashion Week team, that my collection appeared in numerous publications. That was one of the best gift I received for my birthday."

For Selphie, Bali Fashion Week is such a great change for her career, This time she's looking forward to join Bali Fashion Week VIII on this coming 24-28 August 08, with the theme: Cryseor a handsome warrior that born from the beheaded Medusa.