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MOD Jewelry

Silver has the unique position among precious metals. Silver is more durable than gold, it ages adding personality and character over time. Its relative scarcity makes it precious, but it is still more abundant than other precious metals, giving it the freedom to change with fashion and be made into any shape. At MOD Jewelry, we specialized in working with this wondrous, versatile precious metal. We can design traditional and demure to stylish and modern, we can tailor our designs to any mood, style or budget you desire. We employ the latest technology along with the natural beauty of handcrafted design to produce beautiful products that will last.

From Concept to Creation
What makes MOD Jewelry different is we manage our entire design and manufacturing process, ensuring everything we make meets the highest standards of quality. MOD Jewelry partners with our clients in the marketing and merchandising of our product in the retail locations and on the Internet.

Dedicated Designers
MOD Jewelry has a dedicated design team in the Research and Development Department. Our designers are trained in both traditional jewellery production and the latest computer assisted technology.

Sample Production
MOD Jewelry has specialised sample production to protect the integrity of our designs. All samples are created by our Master Wax Carvers in our factory as well as utilizing the newest computer assisted (CAM) technology.