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Djeko Creations

After over a decade in the clothing line, as my clients request, I decided to extend my line into sandals. With past knowledge of designing and putting story lines together for each season. Selecting fabrics and sourcing various suppliers to dye, batik, silk screen or hand paint motifs designed exclusively to clients’ requests. Following up to production and quality control to shipment of goods. With this vast knowledge of fashion from sampling onto production and quality control, the transition was easy, natural and well, I found I really liked it !

Seven years have passed since I started my own line of exclusive sandals mainly for resort wear and spring / summer days. Clients span the globe, from home base in Singapore to most of Asia to currently Japan, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy and the US. Based on the theme for women that want a fresh, unique, smart casual look that will carry over into the evenings and great for the weekends. Available in flats, low heels and recently wedges and hand crafted heels, the sandals are pretty and functional with an attention to detail look.

Using raw materials or labor that are available locally in Indonesia, from intensive beadwork to hand made mother of pearl shells, glass ceramics, wood beads, hand painting, hand embroidered and the latest development ; wood heels carved by master craftsmen of Bali. An island renowned for it’s artistic creativity, many of my sandals reflect the spirit of Bali.

Materials that are interchangeable are part of the new development for 2009. My interchangeable uppers are the hot new exciting idea for 2009. Patent pending.
From shell to leather to ceramics and much more ..

Still in keeping with the resort ready to wear theme, this new collection will be in line with the needs and consciousness of today’s women. From comfort and style to being eco friendly and sustainable as well !

Florals with Japanese inspired prints turned into colorful batiks or prettily hand painted motifs. Snakeskin in strips of contrasting colors , materials with a remarkable touch and texture. Glass ceramics in new exciting colors and motifs are all a part of my new upcoming collection.

Dedication and passion are the driving forces for my sandals and I’m looking forward to my upcoming collection for Spring /Summer 2009 to be the most exciting yet …