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Becca - Baqita

My business was born when we re-located back to Singapore in 1998. I love bags. I'm addicted to bags. All kind of bags. I started slowly, making gifts for friends, and then for small-scale sales amongst my contacts. Eventually I bought my own sewing machine and went commercial!

In 2002, we returned to Indonesia, and my business experienced a significant growth spurt. We started with photo bags, followed by designs that combined different materials, such as patchwork, buttons, ribbons, beads, stones, etc, to create a 3D effect.

One of my design characteristics is that I love colors, so my designs always incorporate a lot of brights. I also collaborate my designs using natural materials, such as rattan and raffia.

In the future, I would like to work on design development that is distinctly Indonesian without being purely ethnic, fashionable enough that the fashionistas can use them during their day to day activities. I plan to produce designs that customers would like to carry when they go malling in Orchard, in Milan, even in New York.