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  1. Fashion Carnival
    The carnival starting point at 16.00 from OSO Compound - Kuta Beach - Melasti - Jalan Legian - Jalan Pantai Kuta - ending at Pura Kuta Segara behind the Kuta Art Market at 18.00.
    Join the Sunset Beach Party, Models Contest, Battle of the Dee Jays, Fashion Extravaganza and Rice Girls Band from Australia.
    Bring out your sense of Celebration and Creativity in creating your own costume and make-up following the theme above !
    The 3 winners will be chosen based on creativity and great coordination in relation with the theme "Fashion meets Nature".
    Please fill out our Fashion Carnival Form

  2. Model Competition Award
    Is a model contest for finding top models of the future. The participation offers models access into a professional model career as well as a look behind the scenes of what it is like on a daily basis for an aspiring or professional model. The aim is to give the models a chance to be recognized and to break into the modelling world.

  3. Fashion Photo Competition
    The Fashion Photo Competition is seeking entries that brings a fresh photographic style to the fashion industry, fashion media, and captures the spirit and quality of the Bali Fashion Week.

    Winner Fashion Catwalk Photo Competition :

    Winner Fashion Non Catwalk Photo Comptition :