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Various programs during the event portray the richness of different areas being covered like:

  1. Trade Show & Expo (Exhibition)
  2. Will be showcasing various fashion/ textile/ accessories related products mainly from Indonesia and other global location.
  3. Fashion on The Street Carnival
  4. Is a street fashion carnival taking the theme of Fashion Meets Nature, incorporating various creative ideas for elaborate creation. The Winners of the carnival competition will be announced at this unforgettable venue.
  5. International designers fashion show
  6. Collection of both International and Indonesian participating designers will be showcased on three consecutive nights.
  7. Meet the designers and fashion talks
  8. Seminars and discussion that carry interesting topics tailored for all the fashion/ textile business players and professionals.
  9. Fashion photography competition
  10. Is open to the entries that bring a fresh photographic style to the fashion industry and fashion media and capturing the spirit and quality of the Bali Fashion Week
  11. The best fashion models selection
  12. To find top models for the future and offers access for them
  13. Fashion meets nature and performances
  14. The integration of fashion, appreciation and respect of the nature into a creative package.