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Inspired by the deep rooted Balinese philosophy “ TRI HITA KARANA”, (three of the harmony”- keeping the oneness in balance and peace between God and human and the environment), The Bali Fashion 2008 has adopted this concept as its theme: “Fashion Meets Nature” the integration of fashion in harmony, appreciation and respect for nature.

Fashion Meets Nature

This interesting theme will pitched top international and local designers alike to stretch their creative imagination to the limit in producing award-winning designs based on the understanding of “TRI HITA KARANA”.

Over 450 international fashion buyers and those related in the industries are expected to gather here to partake in this event is not a small number to the testament of the prestige of The Bali Fashion Week 2008.

From the festive perspective Bali Fashion Week known as an exciting fashion event attracting many people not only Bali but also many parts of Indonesia